Benched Homeless Christians

Does it make sense to have a better record in the large scheme of the things than anyone at the Varsity level entering high school at the grammar school level for the most part and also in terms of personal play in the game of basketball by playing as a freshman in one game at the Varsity level but the rest at the Junior Varsity level, sophomore year at the Varsity level and performed well, junior year did extremely well personally yet the strange thing was that we did not win (this is only at Ocean and one year at Brookdale) and one game at the senior year but be benched the entire senior year in light of a completely subjective change of mind by the senior head coach in basketball?  Not likely.  Its a Judas Iscariot coach that does evil that good may come, but the greater sin is with Judas but also there is sin with the pre-lawyer Judge that knew before all came.  Talk about hypocrisy!  

Now imagine a empty pew-like sit with a basketball on one side but on the Bible is the hammer of justice.  All of it is benched in our society. 

I know I am like Jesus but of course in a lesser sense, but who isn’t like Jesus in a lesser sense who seek to rightly imitate Him?  Do you suppose that it is possible to imitate Him in the ultimate sense?  By no means!  It does not mean someone could die for Jesus, but it does mean no one could attain His merit. 

No one could imitate Jesus Christ in the ultimate sense, because He is God and man and took upon Himself the sin of all of His people where He absorbed the very wrath of God for His friends.  I was like Jesus before the time of God’s quickening and also after the time of God’s quickening that refers to spiritual rebirth by the Spirit of God and the Word of God that involves counterintelligence. 

Are you a homeless Christian?  No one should be a long ranger Christian but there are homeless Christians.  Jesus Christ was homeless but He could not lay His head until His Cross.  I am with Jesus in that I am not a violator of civil law like many in pit of hell New Jersey, but we ought to stand ready to expose crimes of darkness, uphold and obey the JUST laws of men and do the radical good even if we we find ourselves laying our heads at our Cross. 

I am not saying the Cross of Jesus is attainable, because it is matchless in terms of redemption.  Yet it is our quest to imitate Jesus in a lesser sense due to heavy corruptions and creaturely ways, but Jesus asks the Father, “…Father, who may I share my sufferings and identify with regarding My creatures?   Is there any who understand?  Is there any who imitate My sufferings?”  Jesus says, “…Yes, Father the world easily makes another Jesus, because the world wants to replace their sin with good.  I am the only One who is able to do that.  But imagine Father, if they reflected the radical good of My imputed righteousness?” 

There is a way out but you may have to overthrow some tables like Jesus with a whip for a pursuit of radical good that in our own minds seems to transcend good but it is worthless filthy rages that cover us for a time but if relied upon would be torn from us by the darkness of hell that is alive in the shadows of death and that no flame purifies in a darkness that is immersed in soot.


Overall Record for Basketball Excellenet

a.)  St. Mary’s Elementary Assumption Grammar School in Ocean Township, NJ (now out of business but a learning disabled type of school has taken it over) under St. Mary’s of Assumption, Deal, NJ.

1.)  Seventh Grade Basketball under Coaches Charlie Brown and Dr. Phillip J. Petillo (won parochial championship).  We did excellent and I played the three position and learned to play the next level. 

2.)  Eighth Grade Basketball under Coaches Charlie Brown and Dr. Phillip J. Petillo (won parochial championship).  We also did excellent and Matt Paine and Michael Petillo returned as starters from Seventh Grade.  I was usually the top scorer and rebounder in at least over 22 points a game and 12 rebounds.  All of my friends started: Jamie, J.P., Nick, and Matt from early years of grammar school education and basketball.  I remember getting the St. Rose sportsmanship award, because we lost to St. Peter’s in the tournament game; both teams played very well and did excellent work.

b.)  Wall Township, NJ Basketball (Wall Youth)

1.  I am pretty my team always did well and we ended up in the finals, but also I was able t score like 30 points a game with other satisfactory skills in an overall game of excellence.   I remember playing against Pete H. where we actually played at Brookdale Community College my first year.  He was a good player but I think he could have played advanced basketball.  It was a fun league to play in and where the president B.S. would reach out to kids.

c.)  BYAA Tournament Team/BYAA League

1.  The BYAA Tournament Team was under Coach John R. of Brookdale Community College where I tried out but I got deathly sick but they waited for me and I would come off the bench.  We did very well as a team and all the players were notable basketball players who would not be content with a loss or displeasing the coach.  I remember the coach gave our team’s plays to the other team, but we still wiped them in playing the game of basketball as far as I remember.   I later went to the BYAA camp in basketball and won the three point contest, but I was able to grow as a basketball player.

2.)  BYAA League was a great league where I played against the best around the area, but we went to the finals due to our great record.  David Petillo and myself played on this team while it was under Coach D.  We lost the final game to a very good team under a later player who played for Rum. High School where we played as a freshman in High School at least for the first game, but I wanted to go to MD High School in Middletown, NJ but we could not afford it but also the educational accommodations at Ocean T.H.S. seemed better for me at the time and the  prospect of playing varsity as a freshman.

d.)  Ocean Township Boy’s Basketball Club

1.  As far as I remember, we had an excellent record and I was other good players was the main scorer and rebounder, but Tony R. who also played with me at the freshman level in varsity played on this team where he was able to be like a little Magic Johnson and provide great passes to everyone especially me underneath.  The game that we all wanted to win, I was unable to go because we went to the wrong gym by mistake.  LOL.  But overall it was a good time in the game of basketball and a winning record and a good starting five for the most part.

e.)  Dribbling in a Professional Public Gym

1.  I was able to dribble in a professional public gym where everyone saw me  where we would practice our skills but now it was on display for the public to see.  Gym Rat Rick B. taught me later on that dribbling for tall players in the game of basketball is essential to being an all around basketball player.  This is not in order but sometime as a wee little boy.

f.)  The Park Ball Legend & Myth

1.  We had great times in playing the game of basketball at the park in Interlaken, NJ (where now there is no courts because of a bad past crowd) but when Phil Petillo, Jr., Jamie Brown (or Trigani) was one team and than David Trigani and myself was another team.  There is a dispute to this day on who wins or loses, but it was a good time in the game of basketball where everyone seemed to do a great job in excellence.   🙂

g.)  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior OTHS Basketball (Bad Record But Not Apart of It)

1.)  Freshman Year:  Started First Game of Varsity/Played Junior Varsity Mostly (Played Excellent)

2.)  Sophomore Year:  Started Sometimes on Varsity (Last Game Did Very Well and Started)

3.)  Junior Year:  High Scorer 15.5 points a Game (Interests of Men in Reformed Discrimination Started)

4.)  (Asked Before Season to Forgo It):  Senior Year:  Played and Started First Game/Benched Entire Year

h.)  Prep School Scrimmage in Basketball Game

1.)  Played with Gym Rat’s friend as a Prep School and did excellent and enjoyed the game of basketball.   (Before this played for Gym Rat games and Jersey Demons Games)…

i.)  Tried out for N. College, NY and Mt. St. Mary’s

1.)  I noticed at the D-2 level they are great sprinters but it was a good game of basketball.

2.)  I noticed at the D-1 level they seemed skilled in their mastery of basketball.

3.)  Conclusion: Both places were excellent but eventually decided to come to Brookdale Community College.

j.)  Brookdale Community College Basketball Team

1.)  Freshman:  Great talent but okay victories.

2.)  Sophomore:  Great talent but won our conference.   I was a major contributor in this game.

k.)  I played in the J.S.B.L.  (Seaview Buick): 

1.)  I feel like H. Basketball in Jersey is much better where my brother Phillip played under Bruce Johnson.

Michael Petillo’s Athletic Accomplishments Regarding Basketball:

1.                    1999:  BrookdaleCommunity College; The County College of Monmouth; Men’s Basketball.

2.                   1999:  All-Star Game for SeniorCollege Basketball Players at (BCC).

3.                   1999:  (BCC) Basketball Team won Garden State Athletic Conference Gold Division Crown.

4.                   1997-1999:  Played Basketball for 2 years at Brookdale Community College (BCC).

5.                   1997:  I played in the JSBL (Jersey Shore Basketball League) with Seaview Buick.

6.                   1993-1997:  In High School I was actively recruited by Division 1, 2 and 3 basketball teams.

7.                   1993-1997:  I played varsity for four years: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year.

8.                   1997:  NJ Showdown Champions; Compliments of All-Star Trophies INC, Collingwood, NJ.

9.                   1997:  McDonald’s All-American Nomination.

10.               1996:  Gym Rat All-American in Basketball Camp.

11.               1995-1996:  OT High School Basketball Award High Scorer; 15.5 Points Per Game.

12.               1994:  WallYouthCenter; Scoring Leader.

13.               1994:  WallYouthCenter; Most Valuable Player.

14.               1993:  MonmouthOcean Parochial League; All-Star Game 1993; MVP Northern Conference.

15.               1993:  MonmouthOcean Parochial League Playoffs, 1st Place.

16.               1993:  MonmouthCounty All-Star Game.

17.               1993:  Monmouth-Ocean Parochial League All-Star Game MVP.

18.               1993:  Central Jersey Storms; 1st Place Annual Hoops Tournament.

19.               1993:  Rune for The Roses Tournament Sportsmanship Award.

20.               1993:  All-Tournaments, Sponsored by National Community Bank; Run For The Roses.

21.               1993:  Mt.Carmel Snowball Classic XV 1993 All-Star.

22.               1992-1993:  Undefeated Record (15-0); Sept. 24, 1992 to Jan., 27, 1993.

23.               1992-1993:  Ocean Boys Basketball Club; Outstanding Achievement; Best Overall Record (17-2).

24.               1992-1993:  3rd Annual Howell Hawks; Holiday Hoops; 1st Place Boys (13 yr. old).

25.               1992-1993:  St. Mary’s Basketball.

26.               1992-1993: Monmouth Basketball League.

27.               1992-1993:  Back-to- Back Monmouth-Ocean Parochial League Championship.

28.               1992-1993:  Mid-Monmouth; Sr. Division; All Star.

29.               1992-1993:  National Championship, Salt Lake City, UT.

30.               1992:  MonmouthOcean Parochial League of 1992 Playoffs; Winner.

31.               1992:  Sportsmanship Colt Stampede at ChristianBrothersAcademy.

32.               1992:  MVP of Marlboro Tournament – 1992 Invitational Basketball Tournament Championship.

33.               1992:  St. Mary’s Summer Classic Coach’s All-Star Award Presented to Michael Petillo.

34.               1992:  BYAA Junior 1992 – 1st Place East Division.

35.               1991:  Supersonics, Regular Season Camp (8-0).

36.               1991:  Three Point Champion of BYAA Summer Camp

Plural Co-Equal Eldership (The Team of the Three in One and One in Three)

To sum it up cosmic basketball breaks down like this:

1.)  The team of Peter, James, John, and Andrew are plural leadership in the local Reformed Baptist church.

2.)  The team of Peter, James, John and Andrew are a co-equal leadership in the localized body of Christ.

3.)  The Scripture is the manual but counsel is a team of eldership gentlemen chosen who are outwardly but inwardly for Jesus.

That’s better than a papal hat in outward appearance but also in practice.

A Note on ABA Player Bruce Johnson (Who Coached the Petillo Boys and his Passing into Glory)

This coach was the best coach I had.  He also coached my brother Phillip.  When I was little Phillip played in the best league I have ever seen in Hoboken where I got Five Star pizza that was a great size slice with my mom.  We all were good friends and when I started to play basketball Bruce rafted and coached my game.  The game I remember was at the Top 100 at F.D.U. where Monmouth University saw me play and wrote a simple letter of interest that said they were pleased to see me play.  I do not believe I received a second letter.  Anyway, I enjoyed playing at that time, but Bruce would counsel me on basketball and I said to him toward the end of my career, “could you get a Division I school to talk with me?”  He had a friend at Texas A & M University so they talked with me and saw I had talent, but I could not go because of not passing the S.A.T.  I enjoyed time at Brookdale, but the last season was spur of the moment to try out again.  I would say the league Phillip played in was better than the St. Rose J.S.B.L.  Anyway, I will see Bruce again as a good friend and maybe he is working on a league in glory.  A good lesson to learn is keep shooting because you miss all the shots you do not take and always avail the right even when your too small to understand.  🙂

A Spiritual Basketball Game: The Queen of Narnia vs. Asland

True Story in Concepts

There was a man who was a betrayer with cosmic hatred and fire coming of his mouth and his subjects were bound to chains with an evil Judge saying dressed like the queen Narnia in drawn scepter and said:

“Traitor never; my team no one can sever.” 

Asland comes as a roaring Lion and smashing them saying:

“foe put down; footstool avail until all beneath; the world is mine all shoots avail by the Hound never miss a victory never lost a crown yet he curses and makes a tattle; witnesses hear a loud noise in vocal deafness; voices heard but slept.” 

A Sense of Spiritual Basketball

What is your sense of spiritual basketball?  Are you preoccupied with the game of basketball more than a life of devotion to the Triune God?  Have you lacked the consideration of God’s game plan for you in setting time aside in reading and studying the written Scriptures?  Have you repented of your sins on a regular basis and trust in the Cross of Jesus Christ?

You ought to set time aside working on your game plan for a sound interpretation of the written Word.  It’s not only about setting time aside playing basketball.  The ultimate goal is simply to arrive at the author’s intended meaning like you would your coach but instead the Word is from God.  This means you will have to practice your moves of viewing Scripture in its meaning and application.  Spiritual basketball means Christ is the Head and you must serve Him in outright obedience.  Remember its His righteousness alone that is how you are right with Him.  If you have a bad performance, He will continue to love you.   Redemption is not based on performance of sinners, but the sinless life of Christ in your behalf.  Trust in that.  Since God has given you Jesus as your substitute, now seek to make a better game plan than sinning so He will be honored.  If your game plan is advancing through sin, He will be dishonored.  You want to advance through holiness.  Holiness is like making a move from God’s Spirit that is transforming through His Word (His game plan).  You must cooperate but we know its from His gift of grace.  Do not misunderstand there is no greater reward than God Himself.  Seek that instead of the preeminence of earthly success!  The world as your spiritual basketball.  That is, we have responsibility to share the good news of Jesus to a lost world.  Do not forget to crush Satan under your feet through training in the sound words of spiritual basketball.  Jesus is leading the way and He will not let you down.  Trust Him this day and His Cross.

Grace and peace!

Basketball Opportunities: Grammar School Basketball

I was able to play grammar school basketball.  We won back-to-back championships in parochial basketball when I played in seventh and eighth grade at St. Mary’s of the Assumption (that now is out of business).  I started both years and we had a successful run at the parochial championship back-to-back.  In eighth grade we had two players coming back (me and the point guard) from the starting five.  I was tall so I played the center position and was the main scorer.  I ended up getting the MVP of the parochial All-Star game (where many basketball players that do go pro after college).  I must have played in about five leagues and was the main scorer.  I had a lot of fun and advanced in the game of basketball at a young age.  I played on a tournament team that eventually went to Utah and we won the whole thing.  I was a good contributor to the team when called upon.  All of my teams that I played with had excellent records.  With St. Mary’s we won over twenty games and lost five, and another league we lost merely lost one game out of like fifteen games.  Grammar school can be the building block for a good basketball career but it does not necessarily and always mean you have to start in grammar school.  It does help the basketball player know the game in a better way and lays a foundation for the game of basketball.  Next we will talk about high school basketball.  In passing, I use to do a 45-minute to an hour basketball shooting program, ran full-court and constant lane slides.